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The Best Season to Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina Summer. June – August. Spring. March – May. Autumn. September – November. Winter. December – February.
Bosnia and Herzegovina has a large bus network of long distance, intercity and international buses. Bus is the most used form of public transport. Bus routes are operated by a large number of privately owned bus companies. The main bus hubs in Bosnia are Banja Luka, Zenica, Mostar and of course Sarajevo.
Bosnia and Herzegovina has a continental climate with warm summers and cold snowy winters. And that looks more like the climate of continental Europe than the Mediterranean climate of nearby countries like Italy or Greece. Only the southwest of the country has a Mediterranean climate,. This warm maritime climate occurs where Bosnia and Herzegovina borders the Adriatic Sea
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. Its countryside is home to medieval villages, rivers and lakes, plus the craggy Dinaric Alps. National capital Sarajevo has a well preserved old quarter, Baščaršija, with landmarks like 16th-century Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque. Ottoman-era Latin Bridge is the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which ignited World War I.
Capital: Sarajevo
Dialing code: +387
Population: 3.507 million (2017) World Bank
Official languages: Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian
In Bosnia and Herzegovina the power plugs and sockets are of type F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.
Official language Bosnian; Serbian; Croatian
Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark The Bosnian Convertible Mark is the currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark exchange rate is the USD to BAMrate. The currency code for Convertible Marks is BAM, and the currency symbol is KM. Official website: Symbol: KM Central bank: Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina Subunit: Pfenig, Fening Banknotes: TenMarks Education, Inc., 200 marks, 50 marks, 20 marks, 100 marks Coins: 1 mark, 50 pfenigs, 10 pfenigs, 2 marks, 5 pfenigs, 20 pfenigs, 5 marks