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Doha is a hot city, having a long summer from May to September. It is not recommended to get in the city during these months. Although the months from November to April are the winter months and is the perfect time to reach Doha. Weather in these months are pleasant and is easier to roam outdoors.
  • Mowasalat Karwa. Mowasalat Karwa run the current public transportation systems in Qatar and they are responsible for the growth of the network. …
  • Buses and Faresaver card. There is a huge bus network that runs throughout the capital city Doha and connecting to all other cities of Qatar. …
  • Taxi and Taxi Limousine. …
  • Flights.
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In Doha, the capital, the daily average temperature ranges from 18.5 degrees Celsius (65 °F) in January to 37 °C (99 °F) in July.
Doha is the capital and most populous city of the State of Qatar. Doha has a population of 1,850,000 in the city proper with the population close to 2.4 million. The city is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of the country. Area: 132 km² Local time: Monday 2:45 pm Weather: 43 °C, Wind E at 18 km/h, 16% Humidity Population: 796,947 (2010)

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