North Korea

Kim Jong-un

Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea
Kim Jong-un is a North Korean politician serving as leader of North Korea since 2011 and Leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea since 2012. Kim is the second child of Kim Jong-il and Ko Yong-hui.
Born: Pyongyang, North Korea
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Ri Sol-ju (m. 2009)
Education: Kim Il-sung University (2002–2007), School Liebefeld Steinhölzli (1998–2000), Kim Il-sung Military University
Siblings: Kim Jong-nam, Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-chul, Kim Sol-song
Children: Kim Ju-ae

South Korea

Moon Jae-in

Moon Jae-in (Korean pronunciation: [mun dʑɛ̝.in]; born 24 January 1953) is a South Korean politician serving as the 19th and current President of South Korea since 2017. He was elected after the impeachment of Park Geun-hye as the candidate of the Democratic Party.

The President of the Republic of Korea (Hangul: 대한민국 대통령; Hanja: 大韓民國 大統領; RR: Daehan Minguk Daetongryeong) is, according to the South Korean constitution, the chairperson of the cabinet, the chief executive of the government, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and the head of state of South Korea. The Constitution and the amended Presidential Election Act of 1987 provide for election of the president by direct, secret ballot, ending sixteen years of indirect presidential elections under the preceding two governments