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World Guide Holding Group Australia Pty Limited (ABN: 62 497 349 953) As a successful and respected name with regards to global travel and general services, World Guide has a rich heritage and a long history of operation. Built on sound principles of journalism, it is the most important global travel resource. We are dedicated to providing accurate, objective, reliable and informative travel content with history of countries and cities presented in different formats. Our publications include Professional version for the World guide for professionals linked with the travel and general services industry, the consumer version of the World Travel Guide, and many different licensed pieces as part of our solutions for the World Guide Content for our commercial partners. We are a diverse, fast-growing and innovative global business for travels and general services. Feel free to get in touch with us to get to know more.

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We have exceeded our goals for makes any service and informations so easy for all users, how many people are going to our website, staying on our website and also calling us… We’ve always viewed our relationship with World Guide as an investment to keep us current in our community and to keep us relevant and our brand out there.