Welcome everyone

At World Guide Holding Group, we support all types of business
So we put free ads to support everyone

But something happened that we didn’t expect which is

Many advertisers continue to repeat the ad until it is in first place or first page

This makes the ads duplicate, and makes them not look good

So we decided to create a primer level:-

  • 1-Prime level:-all participants ads will be at the top of the page
  • 2-Free ads will be at the bottom of the pages

We will prevent the publication of duplicate ads to avoid harassing visitors or our clients

Choose a Plan to Claim Your Business
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Per Listing

  • icon-cross Duration : Unlimited days
  • icon-check Image Gallery
  • icon-cross Video
  • icon-cross Business Tagline
  • icon-check Location
  • icon-cross Website
  • icon-cross Social Links
  • icon-cross FAQ
  • icon-cross Menu
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  • icon-cross Deals-Offers-Discounts
  • icon-cross Hide competitors Ads
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  • icon-check The Ads Will Be At The Bottom of Pages